NY Times

“This is serious fun…delightfully entertaining series”

Chicago Tribune

“Playful, patient, never patronizing. The filmmakers make it flow with the grace of a good sonnet.”

Toronto Star

“…endlessly fascinating…”

Stephen Jay Gould

“This film series, with its own unique contribution of erudition and entertainment, is the best introduction we could hope to have to this most important of all subjects.”
- Stephen Jay Gould

Steven Pinker

“The Human Language Series cleverly explains difficult concepts, often surpassing our best textbooks, with great wit and fun.An outstanding accomplishment.” -
 Steven Pinker, M.I.T., Author of The Language Instinct

Noam Chomsky

“I’m impressed.”
 Noam Chomsky, M.I.T

Mark Aronoff

“No resource like this has been made before.”

- Mark Aronoff, SUNY Stony Brook, Editor of
Language, the Journal for the Linguistic Society of America